Look at what our Customers are Saying about us

"We started using Stand Out Cosmetics last year for our  concert.  It was wonderful to have Tina conduct a make up workshop for my students and everyone was impressed by both the products and the personalized service.  The make up itself is amazing quality, very easy to use and lasted for over 10 hours at the concert, without moving or fading.  It is great to find such high quality products made by a dancer for dancers.  I look forward to working with Stand Out Cosmetics for many years to come. Thank You."

Belinda Adams - Northside School of Dance

"I have been using Stand Out products since February 2009. I fell in love with the products as soon as Tina matched me with my colours. I wear the foundation, concealer wheel and blush to work every day, and I have increased my collection of eye shadows. It wasn't until May 2009 that I really started to appreciate what high quality make up I was wearing when I commenced a second job in a busy Italian restaurant. I apply my makeup in the morning, work a full day and then head to the restaurant and stand in front of a pizza oven for 4 hours. To this day I am still amazed when I look in the mirror after a 12 hour day to see how flawless my make up is. I can say with 100% confidence that I will be a Stand Out customer for life. I had been trying different foundation products for 2 years prior to discovering Stand Out and no big name (or even no name) brand I used even came close to the quality and feel of Stand Out. It not only looks great but it feels invisible to wear. I highly recommend Stand Out products to everyone!"

Natalie Cusin - Townsville QLD

"I Received your red lipstick for Teneva, wow we love it you really cant compare it to the other brands, she will be displaying at Murwullambah eistedford solos tomorrow. Lol. Thanks for all your fabulous makeup and advice."

Irene Davis - Dance Mum

"I find Stand Out Cosmetics to have great quality long lasting products not to mention affordable prices! I am most impressed with Stand Out's concealer range - as I am very aware of my dark under eye area, I have been searching everywhere for a concealer which covers and lasts the distance many of the department range store brands do not cover however Stand Out's concealer is perfect! Thanks Tina."

Tiffany Steves - Dance Teacher

"As a performer myself who is consistantly wearing stage make up, I must ensure the products I'm using are not only good for my skin, but also are of the highest of quality. Standout cosmetics is all of these things and more. I have quite sensitive skin and in past years found it hard to find one product that can service all of my requirements. Standout cosmetics has a huge range of amazing make up that I can be sure to enter a stage or performance with the confidence and assurance that my make up is the best it can be. No matter what kind of job it might be, whether photo shoot, stage or even my daily routine, stand out cosmetics is the make up for me."

Abbe Bradbury - Dance Teacher

"As the Artisitc Director of one of the Gold Coasts leading Performing Arts Studios, it is important for me that all of my students have a great understanding of how important presentation is when performing or working as an industry professional. Stand Out Cosmetics has taken all of the hard work out of this and makes it a great and fun interactive experience for all of our families to learn how to do their make up. They offer workshops, all your product needs and are always friendly and extremely helpful. The make up is of the highest quality and extremely affordable for families with young performers. My studio Stands Out with Stand out cosmetics!!!"

Artistic Director - Dynamite Studios Australia

"Where do i start... Standout Cosmetics are fabulous. I have been using Standout Cosmetics for around 8 months now and i will never go back to using other make up brands. I have gone through so many brands of make up (foundation especially) and have never seemed to find a foundation that doesn’t make me breakout. I always have had blemishes on my face but could never figure out what it was that was the reaction for my bad skin. I have tried cutting specific foods out of my diet, facial scrubs and spent a fortune on different foundations. The convenience of price of stand out cosmetics has definately kept the money in my pocket and extra time on my hands. I have been using the Standout Cream Foundation for 8 months now and do not have a spot on my face. I thank Tina for my amazing looking skin and will be a standout customer for many years to come. THANK YOU TINA!"

Elle Brookes - Dancer